Finally I managed to setup a server with blogging software. After hours of comparing different hosting solutions and cloud services like EC21 or VPS 2, I finally stumbled upon DigitalOcean which have a really nice web interface to setup your systems. Although, you have far less configuration options compared with Amazon AWS the pricing is more attractive. The main reason is that traffic, in the size of terabytes, is already included in all their packages.

Well, after that I was looking for some blogging solutions which also have the option to create “general” pages. After I discovered that there are solutions which generate static pages, I dismissed all software that use databases. It is basically overkill to manage a database for just a simple blogging software.

What mainly has led to the decision to use Jekyll was the ease of use. I also tried Octopress, but it was much harder to setup on my machine. Jekyll in that respect has a very clean design and you soon understand how your page directory are processed to create the site you want to publish.

The next steps will be to look at some plugins and to look into the guts of the customization mechanism.

  1. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing

  2. Virtual Private Server